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Road Safety at Birrong PS

Birrong Public School welcomes safe and courteous drivers. The roads to our school are busy – even more so in the mornings and afternoons when our students are being picked up and dropped off by buses and private vehicles.

In order to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic and the safety of our students, we ask that all drivers pay attention to the following guidelines and observe the rules of common courtesy on public roads.

Most of the roadway at the front of the school (Auburn Road) is a "No Stopping" zone. This connects to a bus zone at the southern end and a "Drop off and Pickup" zone at the northern end. Please be aware that it is illegal and unsafe to stop in either the bus zone or the no stopping zone.  Any vehicles parked within these areas reduce visibility and create a serious safety hazard for our students. When using the drop off and pickup zone, please remain in the area for as little time as possible – only as long as it takes to either pick up or set down your children.

BusZone sign Banner -stopping in a bus zone is illegal


The roadway behind the school (Hill Road) has been designated as a Kiss'n'Go  zone.  A Kiss'n'Go zone is actually a No Parking zone. It does allow for drivers to stop, assist their children in getting into or out of the car with their school material and stay for a short time (2 minutes). It does not allow for drivers to leave their cars unattended for any length of time or to remain stationary in the zone for longer than is necessary. When using the Kiss'n'Go zone, please ensure that you make your way as far towards the front of the zone as possible. Problems can occur if cars remain parked directly in line with the school gate, which is close to the rear of the zone. As a courtesy to local residents, avoid using private driveways near the school to execute three point turns and especially avoid blocking driveways and entrances when parking.

 Pick up and drop off zone Pickup and drop zone

We trust that you will support us in keeping our children safe and interacting constructively with our local community.