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About our school

Students, staff, parents and community members are all actively involved in the teaching and learning program.

School community members feel proud to have contributed to the school program, which gives each student the opportunity to develop to his/her full potential. High standards are set and encouraged in teaching and learning programs. Opportunities for students are available in many areas including sport, music, debating, dance, environmental education, student leadership and camping. Pride in the school environment is shared as well as tolerance and understanding of one another.

The school is committed to quality partnerships with parents and the community. This is achieved through the parents and citizens association (P&C). Birrong Public School provides a range of activities through which parents feel welcome and a part of their child's life. The parent community strongly supports the principles, which underpin public education and expect the highest quality of education for their children.

School purpose

At Birrong Public School we are a community committed to the provision of a caring and cooperative learning environment which:

  • sets expectations of excellence for students and teachers in all areas of endeavour (academic, cultural, sporting and social);
  • builds foundations for life-long learning through the provision of quality teaching and learning programs for all students;
  • values and embraces individual differences among the student population; and
  • expects and promotes tolerance, acceptance, self-discipline, self-esteem, citizenship and respectful interactions between all members.


  • All relevant Departmental statements of aims and policies are implemented at Birrong Public School.
  • The school and home must support one another if children are to gain maximum benefit from school programs.
  • Teaching programs will be outcomes-based with an emphasis on integration and problem-solving activities within the KLAs.
  • While the rights of each individual are protected, each individual must develop the capacity to cooperate and contribute as a member of groups, organisations and society.
  • Each individual's capacity growth and development will be nurtured. Members of the school community are to be held personally responsible for the consequences of their actions.
  • Physical well-being and healthy practices are considered to be essential.

Birrong Public School is a caring, harmonious, multicultural learning community. Strong support by the community is a feature of the school. High standards are set in teaching and learning programs and student achievement and involvement are encouraged and valued by the whole school community. Opportunities are available in many areas including sport, music, debating, drama, dance, environmental education and camping. 

There is an emphasis on involving students in their own learning and the development of leadership skills. Pride in the school environment is shared as well as tolerance and understanding of one another. The parent organisations ensure a partnership in students' education. This commitment includes maintenance of school grounds and management of the canteen. 

Education Week 2020 - Learning Together

Education Week 2020 at Birrong Public School was a very different kind of celebration to all other years. ​Though we were unable to invite parents and carers into our school, we thought we'd take you on a virtual tour through this video. We look forward to welcoming you back one day in the future.

The video was shot, edited and voiced by students from 6 Garnet.