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Crunch and Sip

Crunch & Sip encourages students to bring a fruit or vegetable and a water bottle to class every day to crunch and sip on every morning. Students who are well nourished perform better in the classroom. The idea here is to help students re-fuel and boost their physical and mental performance and concentration in the classroom.   

Crunch and Sip

 We would like to provide parents and guardians with some:

  • Don't forget Crunch & Sip in the school bag every day.


- An extra piece of fruit or salad vegetables to eat in the classroom.

- A water bottle to keep in the classroom.

  • Be a role model - Let your children see you eat and enjoy fruit and vegetables and drink water daily. Children are influenced by family eating habits.
  • Plan ahead - Have pre-washed, easy-to-eat Crunch & Sip snacks ready to take to school. For younger children send cut up fruit or salad vegetables. Be sure that your child's water bottle is clearly marked with their name and cleaned each day.
  • Buy in season - Fruit and vegetables that are in season taste great, are good quality and value for money.
  • Encourage a variety of fruit and vegetables - Take your children shopping to allow them to choose fruit and vegetables to take to school.

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