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3 Teal

Kamay Botany Bay National Park 2017

Kamay National Park Yr 3 Excursion 2017


3 Teal has been writing recounts about our Kambay Botany Bay National Park excursion. Part of our writing tasks has been to include lots of WOW words (adjectives and adverbs). We also were trying to make our recount interesting by starting off in the middle of the excursion rather than "I woke up in the morning and brushed my teeth. And then... And then...!"

In reading them you will also see students trying to use metaphors and similes, working hard at describing the things they see, using apostrophes and speech marks. Some have included pictures taken on the day.

The students have done 2-3 drafts and then typed up their own documents.Kamay National Park Yr 3 Excursion 2017 - Termites


Have a read of some of our writing.

Hamzeh Botany Bay (pdf 77 KB)

Aleya Botany Bay (pdf 66 KB)

Aicha Botany Bay (pdf 298 KB)

Lujain Botany (pdf 1133 KB)


Below are a few samples of some of the art we have been doing this term and late in term 3.










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